Health Services



Ali Hill, Health Services Manager
Anne Gibson, LPN Head Start Nurse
Rosa Mungin, LPN Head Start Nurse
Sherry Lee, LPN Head Start Nurse

Health Services 3

Early/Head Start assists families in maintaining complete medical care and obtaining preventative health services. Parents are encouraged to participate in the Health Services Advisory Committee which assists our agency in providing these health services to the children and families that we serve.

To ensure the child’s health and well being, Head Start/Early Head Start requires families to obtain and provide documentation of preventative health services in a timely manner and keep up-to-date on the state schedule (EPSDT) for well child exams (physicals), immunizations, and dental exams.  Your child’s immunizations must be current for them to participate in any Head Start/Early Head Start program. All children must have documentation of a current physical exam and necessary follow-up within the first 90 days of enrollment. If any medical conditions are identified, the parent is encouraged to get any additional treatment for their child. Children should also receive a blood lead test as part of their 12 and 24 month physical exams; if these tests were not taken during these exams, please request one at your child’s next physical. The Nurse Manager or Nurse is available to answer any questions about these requirements. For all children over 12 months of age in HS/EHS, within the first 90 days of entry into the program, parents must provide written documentation from a dentist verifying that their child has received a dental exam, including follow up treatment if needed.  

Health Services 4

Head Start/Early Head Start staff are available to provide educational programs designed to help each child and family understand how to achieve and maintain good health practices. Staff are also available to assist parents in arranging transportation to doctor’s visits. Staff and parents will be offered the opportunity to participate in training and/or receive information on subjects such as safety, immunizations, nutrition, personal hygiene, pedestrian safety, child abuse, oral health, mental health, preventative health and the detection of health problems.  All Head Start children will be offered, free of charge, hearing and vision screens within 45 days of entry into the program, if not documented on current physical provided by Primary Care Physician.